Photos are those captured moments that will never return but can be cherished forever – believes Prasanna, a passionate photographer and portrait-lover. Graduate in chemistry and bright student of JJ arts of school Mumbai, Prasanna Naik was using his photography skills since college days to earn his pocket money but never thought to opt it as a profession. Although his love for photography surpassed his chemical knowledge and this chemistry graduate found new avenues in JJ school of art, Mumbai. He not only completed his course successfully but his photos were selected and exhibit out of two thousands photographs in annual completion. 
Prasanna undertakes projects of video shooting, pre-wedding shoot, portfolio, school photography and each project tells the tale of his experience, dedication and love for his work. In 1995, Prasanna established Pratima studio that not only offers conventional service of photography but also provide personalized products, photo frames, photo albums that brings smile on faces of your loved ones. After working as a photo journalist for Aaj Dinank and on several other projects Prasanna finally found his true passion in school photography. He provides school photography service to several well known schools and pre-schools from for more than a decade. Capturing innocent expressions in his camera gives him an extreme sense of pleasure and new scope everyday to move forward..